6 Online Tools To Check Virus on Websites

How can you check for virus on websites or virus attack on websites which inserts malicious codes on your server files and sends information to the hacker ?

You may never knew whether your website contains viruses or not. Normally virus attacks are on server files like index, header and footer files. Prevention is better than cure, so checking websites for virus attack can be done using these online tools.

Before getting into the security tools to check virus on websites, we should know certain things. How come these scripts or codes are injected on our websites ? Usually these malicious codes or scripts are injected into our websites due to 2 main reasons, the first thing is flaw in our hosting servers and next thing is when you run any software like WordPress or any open source softwares, hackers find a loop hole on these scripts and try to insert their malicious codes into our servers. These codes sends information from our server like traffic details or what ever they have programmed it for.

So it is always safer that we check our websites for any malicious or virus attacks using these online tools. If your website is already attacked, then you can consult a security expert to remove all the scripts which are hidden, but for a prevention cause, you can use these online tools which are very simple to check virus on websites. Just enter your website URL and it will automatically check for any malicious content on your website.

AVG Online Web Page Scanner

AVG Link scanner check the safety of individual web pages for suspicious codes. Just copy the URL of the website and paste it on link scanner box, it will check for any suspicious downloads. You can use AVG link scanner for links forwarded by friends, URLs displayed by search results, Links containing odd characters or any site you’ve never visited before.


URLVoid.com is a simple tool that checks virus/malicious content on websites. All you need to do is enter the URL of the website and hit the scan button, with in few minutes it will display the result whether the website contains malicious content or not.

Online Link Scan

Online Link Scan check links for viruses, malware, spyware, and trojans. It is the simplest and secured tool that detects not only malware or malicious codes in websites, but also any phishing links are deteced. The reports are generated using PhisTank, AVG, Google Safe Browsing and SiteTruth.

Symantec Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web ? You might know about Symantec Norton Antivirus, Internet protection tool. Yes from the same company, there is also an online tool to check website threats like torjans, malwares, phishing attacks etc.

Dr.Web Online Check

Dr.Web Online is same as all other web checker tools, enter your website link and it checks for any virus content on your website.

Google Webmaster Tools – Malware Check

If your site is verified with Google webmaster tools, then on Google webmaster tools, you can check for malwares on your site. On the diagnostics tab, you can click on the malware. If your site contains any malware, then it will indicate it there.

Have your website ever affected by virus or malicious code ? If you’ve tried any other virus checking tools, do share it with us.

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